Other Agricultural Participants

The Australian Academy of Science
Date: 2007

The Australian Academy of Science supports the responsible and ethical use of gene technologies to produce genetically modified (GM) plants for use in Australian agriculture….The current adverse consumer reaction by some citizens to GM, and the science system more broadly, has the potential to negatively impact on innovation. This then creates a flow-on risk of discouraging investment in research and development, harming Australia’s progress….There are already immediate, urgent needs in the developing world to secure yields and to reduce the impact of pests, diseases and environmental degradation. The lack of full certainty, in an environment of manageable risk, should not be used as the reason to postpone measures where genetic modification can legitimately be used to address environmental or public health issues….All crop and pasture plants have the potential to impact negatively on natural or agricultural systems, whether GM or not.

For further information:  www.science.org.au/policy/gene-tech.htm

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)

Date: 2007

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) supports the responsible use of gene technologies to produce genetically modified plants for use in Australian agriculture…The Academy has concluded that with appropriate scientific testing and community consultation, genetically modified plants have the potential to contribute positively to Australia’s future… Such plants will contribute to the international competitiveness of Australian farming, the viability of regional economies, the wellbeing of Australian consumers, and the health of ecosystems and the environment.

For further information: www.atse.org.au/index.php?sectionid=936

Producers Forum

Date: 2005

Our vision is: “To ensure timely access to agricultural biotechnologies for the economic, social and environmental benefit of all Australians”.

  1. We support farmers having access to new technologies that give us the choice to grow, or not grow, GM crops.
  2. We support GM food labelling in Australia to provide consumers with information to make their own food decisions.
  3. We support rigorous, science-based processes for the assessment of new agricultural gene technologies.
  4. We support a national system for the approval of agricultural GM technologies.
  5. We support the development of new GM food crops by Australian researchers which are specifically suited to helping local farmers deal with salinity and drought and to reduce chemical usage.
  6. We support national standards for adventitious presence (AP) and support the levels proposed by the industry peak bodies of 0.5% for sowing seed (Australian Seed Federation) and 0.9% for grain crops (Australian Oilseed Federation).
  7. We support a whole of industry approach, including farmer organisations, grain marketers and seed producers, towards developing a national system for gene technology which provides a clear, predictable path to market for GM products.
  8. We support early indication from State Governments that the current moratoria will not be renewed past their review/expiry dates so the industry can make investment decisions with certainty.

For more information: http://www.producersforum.net.au/n_our_views.htm