The Official Australian Reference Guide to Agricultural Biotechnology and GM Crops – Third Edition

ABCA Guide

This booklet provides factual information about GM crops based on scientific evidence. Topics covered include the science, performance, safety and regulation of GM crops as well as products in the pipeline and the commercial and market realities. The guide also gives a voice to farmers actually using GM crops and answers some common questions regarding stockfeed, the organisations involved in GM crop research, and food safety. The updated edition of the Guide highlights the evolution of plant breeding innovations, such as genome editing using CRISPR-Cas9.

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Gene Technology in Australia: this is innovation

This booklet contains basic information about the science used in gene technology, the laws and guidelines surrounding the research; the new food labelling system; an overview of the global production of genetically modified (GM) crops; details about which products are sold in Australia, and current research in the area. Opinions from some leading organisations in the debate are also contained in this booklet as well as contacts for further information. Download PDF