Grain Producers Australia (GPA)

Biotechnology position
It is vital grain producers have the opportunity to take advantage of all crop varieties that have been developed using the many currently available plant-breeding methods.

Gene technology and associated plant breeding techniques have been crucial to the success of the Australian grain industry. Access to new varieties which offer the opportunity for higher production, better performing varieties, varieties that better fit into weed and pest control management plans, varieties that offer additional marketing or differentiation options have all been made available to Australian producers due to the success of plant breeding.

In some cases, the plant breeding techniques have been classified as falling under the banner of gene technology, in other cases they have not. GPA supports a national regulatory system which supports investment by providing clarity and, as far as possible, is consistent with international policy regarding the regulation of plant breeding techniques.

For Australian grain producers the core consideration is the end product/variety; this is therefore the basis of GPA policy. Regardless of the plant breeding technique used the merits of the varieties available should be assessed against clear, national science-based criteria, as regulated by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator plus associated regulation by the APVMA and FSANZ.

GPA encourages commercial providers and regulators to develop, accredit and release genetically modified varieties for commercial production in Australia.

Current biotechnology has benefits for farmers, the environment and consumers. GPA supports the introduction of commercially available cultivars suitable to Australian conditions.

GPA supports grain producers having access to affordable choices of the latest research technology that is best suited to their production needs.

GPA encourages further education and provision of information to the general public regarding the uses of gene technology and novel plant breeding techniques.