Source: Grain Producers SA, Media release – Releases/140606 Media Release – Australia GM Wheat Trilateral Statement.pdf

Australian Growers Reinforce Commitment to GM Wheat

On the five year anniversary of the inaugural GM Wheat Trilateral Statement, Australian grain growers have today launched a renewed commitment to GM wheat, joining with global partners, to launch the 2014 GM Wheat Trilateral Statement.

Fifteen organisations in Australia, Canada and the United States of America, representing producers and millers, have come together publicly to confirm their support for genetically modified (GM) wheat research and development, innovation and science-based decision making.

To date, no GM wheat has been commercialised in the world, however, significant research is underway in Australia and around the world to improve wheat varieties.

Australian research includes work to improve the nutrient efficiency and yield of wheat. In addition to producing varieties better able to survive in dry conditions and modifying starch levels for improved human health outcomes, such as bowel health.

Wheat represents about 20 per cent of human calorie intake, making it an essential part of the global diet and critical to food security. Advanced breeding, including gene technology, will help ensure the continued availability of wheat, particularly improved end products, more sustainable production and environmental benefits.

Genetically modified crops are now 18 years old. In 2013, 175 million hectares of GM crops were planted in 27 countries, including the European Union, by 18 million farmers. Australian farmers are looking forward to GM wheat R&D investments reaching the marketplace.

Australian signatories note their ongoing commitment to work with the grain supply chain to deliver choice, including the supply of non-GM wheat, within reasonable tolerances, to markets that require it.