Roundup Ready Canola Sales Surge 22 per cent

24 June 2013. Monsanto Media Release. Source:


Growers have purchased a record 550 tonnes of Roundup Ready canola seed this season.

New high performing varieties, the reopening of China’s market and negligible premiums for non-GM canola drove the 22% increase in sales from last year.

The strong sales growth follows National Variety Trials (NVT) that reveal Roundup Ready canola varieties have higher oil content and are higher yielding than other herbicide tolerant varieties.

Monsanto Australia Managing Director, Daniel Kruithoff, said that grower confidence in Roundup Ready canola is increasing every season.

“The 22% growth in sales demonstrates the confidence that growers have in the performance of Roundup Ready canola. This is a particularly impressive result given the forecast drop in overall canola plantings this season.

“Roundup Ready canola growers can also look forward to prices that are within $10 of those for non-GM canola. The benefits of Roundup Ready canola significantly outweigh the small price difference which is why growers are buying more of it each and every year.

“Roundup Ready canola sales have increased every year since it was commercialised in 2009 which clearly demonstrates the value growers place on having the freedom to choose GM crops,” Daniel said.

NVT data shows that compared with other top varieties, Roundup Ready canola is on average yielding 12 per cent higher than Triazine Tolerant canola and 6 per cent higher than Clearfield over the last three years.

The trials also reveal that Roundup Ready canola has higher oil content on average than TT varieties helping growers generate more income from the crop.

“The NVT data suggests that growers can also expect more than just reliable weed control from Roundup Ready canola. New high performing varieties offer growers improved yields and oil content,” Daniel said.

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